Ways That You Can Personalize Birthday Yard Signage

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When someone you care about is celebrating a birthday, one of the ways that you can share your best wishes is by hiring a company to cover this person's yard with celebratory signage. This will not only let the person know that you're thinking about them but will also alert neighbors to the fact that this person is celebrating a birthday so that they can offer a greeting. When you contact a company that provides these signs, one thing that you'll want to do is think about how to personalize the greeting. Yard signs that simply read "Happy Birthday" can be cheerful, but there are other options that you can explore.

Person's Age

A simple way to personalize your birthday yard sign display is to recognize how old the person is turning. Your company has number signage that you can use, and the addition of a number can give this type of greeting more of a custom feel. For example, instead of just saying "Happy Birthday," the signs can read "Happy 50th Birthday." As long as you feel that the person wouldn't be embarrassed about having neighbors know how old they are, this is a fun option to consider.

Person's Name

Ordering signage that displays the person's name is another good way to give your greeting a personalized feel. Generally, these companies have signs that display single letters, so you can give the person's name when you place your order and have the company use several signs to spell the person's name. Given that birthday yard signs alert the neighbors to the fact that someone in the house is having a birthday, ensuring that the person's name is on display will help neighbors know who they should wish happy birthday to.

Areas of Interest

In addition to the signs that will spell out your birthday greeting, you may also wish to order other signs to display around the yard. Birthday yard sign companies have several other options that can further help to give your message a personalized feel. For example, you might find signs that depict butterflies, unicorns, and other colorful things. These can be perfect for someone who loves this subject matter. Signs that depict footballs or football helmets can work well for an avid athlete or sports fan, while you'll occasionally even find signs that depict beer mugs—a perfect choice for someone who will likely be celebrating their birthday with a beer.

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