Having A Birthday Party For Your Child? Tips To Set Up The Backyard

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If you are having a birthday party for your child at home, you should consider using your backyard if it is large enough. This will allow the kids to get outside and have fun. Keep reading for two tips on how to set up the yard so everyone can enjoy the party. 

Install an Inflatable Water Slide

Most kids love slides—especially water slides—during the summer. Ask the party-goers to bring their bathing suits, and install an inflatable water slide rental in your backyard. You need to find the best location to place the slide, which is near a water source. The ground should also be level. Once you find the location lay down a tarp on the ground to protect the bottom of the slide and prevent dirt from getting on the slide. 

The water slide will generally come with a blower that you connect to blow it up. Do this a few hours before the party to make sure the slide does not have any leaks. It usually only takes a few minutes for the slide to blow up completely depending on how large it is. Some water slides also have a pool attached to them so when the sliders slide down, they end up in the pool. If so, fill the pool with water until it gets to the right level, which is generally a few inches from the top. You may have to refill the pool a couple of times throughout the party if a lot of kids are using the slide. 

The company that you rent the inflatable water slide from may bring it to your home and do all the setup for you. They may charge an extra fee for this, or it may come with the price you paid for the slide. 

Install a Bounce House

A bounce house can also be installed on your property to give the kids an area to jump and be safe. Having an inflatable water slide and a bounce house will keep the kids busy all day. Rent the bounce house and place it on level ground. It should come with a blower to blow it up. How long this takes depends on how large the bounce house is. 

Rent a bounce house that is large enough to fit a lot of kids if you are having a big party. This way a lot of kids won/t have to stand around waiting in line. Place the bounce house near the water slide to make it much easier for the kids. 

Ask the company that you rent the bounce house from if they can bring it to you and set everything up to make things easier for you. 

These two tips will ensure that your child and their friends will have a great time at the birthday party.

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