3 Tips to Remember When Renting a Canopy

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Many large events are hosted outdoors. An outdoor venue provides you with the space you need to accommodate your guests, and outdoor venues typically have a lower price tag than their indoor counterparts.

If you want to provide protection against the sun and potential rainfall during your next outdoor event, you will want to rent a canopy. The addition of a canopy can elevate your event to the next level by helping guests feel more comfortable.

Keep the following three tips in mind as you get a canopy rental for your event.

1. Number of Guests 

The last thing you want to do is rent a canopy that isn't large enough to accommodate everyone who attends your event. You must ensure that you have finalized your guest list before securing a canopy rental.

Your canopy should be large enough to house all guests, staff, and any furnishings (tables, chairs, stage, etc.) that will be a part of your event. An experienced canopy provider will be able to help you calculate how much space you need underneath your canopy to successfully cover your event.

2. Canopy Shape

The shape of the canopy that you rent for your event will have a direct impact on the experience of each guest. Square canopies are always recommended. A square canopy ensures that there is a true center for your space. This allows all guests to feel as though they are part of the event's proceedings.

Square canopies also tend to have higher ceilings. A high ceiling provides more headroom so that the shaded area feels less enclosed. You will also find that a square canopy will stay cooler throughout the day.

3. Venue Restrictions

Whenever you are planning to rent a canopy for an outdoor event, you should ask the venue about any restrictions that apply to canopy use. One of the primary restrictions an outdoor venue may have relates to the way the canopy will be anchored.

Many canopies are anchored to the ground using stakes that are driven into the ground. If your event venue does not allow these types of driven stakes, you will need to rent a canopy that is equipped with weighted anchors that rest on the surface of the ground instead.

Most outdoor events can benefit from the addition of a canopy. Be sure that you consider all factors before renting so that you end up with a canopy that will enhance the overall aesthetic and function of your event.

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